Turn work into Work

Chris Brogan had an interesting post the other day about the Future of Work.

In response, I posted this comment:

I think we’ll start phasing out work with a lowercase w and start doing Work with a capital W. The difference is this: work is what we can fill our time with. But our “W”ork is what we’re on this earth to do.

I think the future of work is going to look a LOT different than it does today.

Today, I see people working at things and in places they don’t really want to be.

They stick around for the money… or for the benefits… or because they think it’s the responsible thing to do.

And the price they pay is their happiness, or a fullness of life that is not present when you’re not being yourself.

I think people are fed up with doing work that doesn’t matter. And I think they are just starting to wake up to the fact that they don’t have to spend their days doing it. There are other ways to go.

You just have to have the guts to search those out. And the commitment to stick with it… because you are worth it.

“That sounds all warm and cozy, but what about money? Where am I going to get money,” they say.

I don’t know the answer to that for you. But I do know that when those words come out of your mouth, it’s fear talking.

And for me, with the exception of dodging an oncoming train, fear is not an acceptable reason to do anything.

But fear is powerful. So powerful that it can keep someone doing stuff they don’t want to be doing for 10, 20 even 30 years.

And that’s why I’m doing my best to give up “work” and spend my time doing “Work.”

Work with a capital W is the stuff I believe I’m on this planet to do. It’s my contribution that comes out of the skills and the gifts I’ve been given. I didn’t show up in this life even knowing what that “Work” was, but I’m figuring out. And the journey is totally worth it.

It’s not the easiest path to travel, but I know that, for me, there’s no other way to go.