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I spend a lot of time and effort developing my skills to boost profits using the power of direct response copywriting and marketing. And due to the nature of the clients I’m affiliated with, I am also privy to a level of “what’s working” knowledge most aren’t. The Monday Hotsheet™ is how I share some of what I know with the greater community of business builders.

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We are not vegan, we eat spammers for breakfast.
A lot of copywriters are big on talk and short on value. If you're looking for a copywriter who consistently over delivers and makes sales happen, then contact Jason Leister. A recent promotion Jason wrote for one of my businesses converted at 5%-12% depending on the traffic source. THAT'S what I call copywriting.
I had no idea who Jason Leister was before a piece of his copy landed in my inbox. I took one read and sent him this note:

"Jason, I just read the piece you wrote for [...] for the [...] product, and I thought it was one of the best pieces of copy I've read in a VERY long time... Love your style man. Anyway, if you have any availability for new projects let me know... I'd love to work with you."

Since then, we've worked on multiple projects together.

If you're blowing smoke and selling hype he's definitely NOT the guy to hire. His copy is authentic salesmanship in print. He's the real deal, and one of the best kept secrets out there.
...marketers who are not afraid to tell it like it is. But also, they are guys who understand relationships. People. Trust. Ethics. And above all, sales and business. They are sharks. And I think that’s what the Internet needs right now...
If you're looking for a copywriter that understands how to not only write moneymaking copy but also  graphics, the design and the layout... for online stuff AND offline stuff - Jason's the guy. [...] While he's still available - you might want to book him!
Last month I hired Jason Leister for a fee of $16,000. Why? Because the dude gets things done, bottom line.
...Jason is an excellent resource and I would certainly recommend him to any business that needs to have new ideas and new streams of income into their business...