Facebook Advertisers: What’s STILL Missing from This Picture

Here’s a screenshot of an old deactivated ad campaign from Facebook®…

Despite their recent upgrade to the ad area, there’s still something big missing. Can you guess what it is?


Actually, for me and probably you, it’s all that really matters.

And that is this:

A simple way, from within Facebook®, to actually tell if your ads are working.

How revolutionary.

Why would a company leave out such an obvious thing like conversion tracking? This is 2011 right?

Actually, they didn’t even “leave it out.” They did test a beta version of conversion tracking back in 2010. Maybe you participated in that. I did.

And while it took WAY too long to get the conversion stats (I think it took a day or two), it was a step in the right direction.

Here’s a quote, explained to be from Facebook® from the blog Inside Facebook:

“We are no longer going to offer our conversion tracking beta product. While we learned a lot from the beta, our focus is not on building a full featured conversion tracking tool.”

Now what happens when people don’t have the tools (yes, you can use third party tools or duct tape your own conversion tracking system together) to track conversions on their ad spends?

Well, some people will go broke and leave.

But my guess is that it’ll pull in more “dumb” advertisers who just enter their credit card number and walk away.

I’m sure Facebook® won’t complain.

It’s not worth arguing with reality, but it sure is easy to vote with your dollars. So if you advertise on Facebook®, just be smart and know that you’re on your own.